Friday 12 April 2024
Forte inspires IFL students with an office tour and career orientation session
By Forte



On 10 April 2024, Forte Group HR had the pleasure of hosting an office tour and career orientation session for senior students from the Institute of Foreign Languages. This provided them with a firsthand experience of Forte's head office working environment and valuable insight into insurance careers at Forte Group.



The study tour brought together 20 senior students, accompanied by their professor, for an insightful visit to our office. They had the opportunity to explore various departments and engage with our HR team, gaining valuable exposure to our organizational structure. Following the tour, the group convened for a career orientation session, expertly presented by our HR Forte group. The session delved into Forte's history and significant milestones since operation, offering the students a compelling glimpse into our company's journey.








The session also included essential tips on interview preparation and conduct, aimed at helping the students land their dream job in the future.





We hope this dynamic and professional experience has inspired and informed the potential future talents about the diverse career opportunities within the insurance industry.





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