Monday 04 September 2023
Forte co-sponsors Cambodia Association (CATA) in a public seminar for tour operators to promote tourism in Siem Reap
By Forte




Siem Reap: The tourism industry is widely considered to be a major source of income for both the national economy and local residents. From 2013 until Covid-19's emergence in 2020, tourism made a significant contribution to the national economy. Unfortunately, due to the impact of Covid-19, the global economy, especially the tourism sector, has faced substantial setbacks.







Fortunately, thanks to dedicated efforts and attentive leadership from key stakeholders, we have witnessed a gradual recovery in the tourism industry. This recovery is evident in various sectors such as tourist companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues that have resumed their operations. The Ministry of Tourism's July 2023 report presents some encouraging data. In Siem Reap alone, domestic tourism has exceeded one million visitors (a remarkable increase of over 400%) with more than 430 thousand international visitors (also an increase of over 400%) compared to the same period last year.




To further promote and enhance the tourism sector, the Cambodian Tourism Association has taken proactive measures by organizing a public seminar for tour operators with renowned experts from within Siem Reap’s tourism sector also in attendance. The primary objective was to engage key stakeholders within the industry, particularly those based in Siem Reap. During this forum, participants had the opportunity to share their insights and showcase their ideas and preparedness to contribute to the strategic revitalization of the industry.







These include travel insurance, medical insurance, and accident insurance. We firmly believe that having insurance coverage is an essential component of any travel itinerary. By ensuring our customers have peace of mind during their journeys, they can fully immerse themselves in their travels without worry




During an event held last March, Forte conducted a seminar that emphasized the significance of having travel insurance. You can read more about it in the article titled "Travel with Confidence," (available at this link here).




At Forte, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth of Cambodian tourism, whether it be from international or domestic travelers. As one of Cambodia's fundamental economic drivers, we understand the significance of this industry. Our goal is to offer tourists a comprehensive selection of insurance options that cater to their needs. With our coverage, you can remain focused on your trip while we manage any unexpected situations that might arise and disrupt your plans. Our Tour Operator's Liability insurance is specifically tailored for travel agents and tour operators who offer tour packages to customers, protecting them from any accidents that may happen to their clients.










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