Monday 04 September 2023
MoU signing between Forte and the University of Economics and Management at Kampong Cham for Group Personal Accident coverage
By Forte



Kampong Cham: Forte is proud to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Management and Economics of Kampong Cham with the participation of His Excellency Muon Veasna, Vice President of University of Management and Economics, Kampong Cham and Mr Suy Channtharong, Chief Executive Officer of Forte Insurance (Cambodia) on 20 August 2023.



Education plays a crucial role in the development of human resources, laying the groundwork for our nation. Graduates and employed students, both from public and private sectors, have experienced consistent growth over the years. Similarly, the insurance industry is experiencing growth and gaining recognition as a safety net for families to protect their financial security.



Forte is doing our part by educating, promoting, and explaining the importance of insurance to our local communities. Insurance is a tool that can help to reduce financial risk from any type of uncertainty. It also contributes to stabilizing the present and future living conditions of families. Additionally, it provides peace of mind and confidence for families to continue living and investing in their businesses, regardless of any accidents that may occur.




“As a leading insurance provider in Cambodia for over 24 years, we have been acknowledged as the top insurance company in Cambodia with a 45% market share of general insurance. We have a long history of providing financial protection to citizens, regardless of the circumstances, and we encourage our customers to live confidently” stated Mr Suy Channtharong.





In collaboration with the University of Management and Economics in Kampong Cham, we are pleased to offer our Group Personal Accident insurance to their esteemed community, including management, faculty, staff, current students, and alumni. Our Group Personal Accident insurance provides coverage and monetary compensation for medical expenses in case of accidents.








In addition, we are excited to offer internship and research opportunities at our company, allowing young individuals who are studying or preparing to graduate from university or high school to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the insurance industry.







By providing our Group Personal Accident insurance to this prestigious university in Kampong Cham we aim to create a positive environment where everyone can study, learn, and live with confidence.



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