Friday 08 September 2023
Forte certified AA+ financial strength rating on a national scale and B+ on an international scale
By Forte




Forte Insurance (Cambodia) Plc has been given an upgrade in our credit ratings from Global Credit Ratings (GCR), thanks to improved capitalization and liquidity. Our company's international scale financial strength rating has been elevated to B+ from B, while the national scale rating has been lifted to AA+(KH) from AA(KH).




This upgrade is a result of improved capitalization and liquidity, which have ultimately bolstered Forte's financial standing. Forte's ratings boost is also attributed to our competitive edge, sound asset management and robust financial profile.




Forte maintains a commanding position in Cambodia’s general insurance market, marked by rapid growth in gross premiums and good diversification across different lines of business. The upgrade in our credit ratings is a testament to strong financial performance, prudent underwriting strategies, and dominant market position. It brings a positive signal of Forte’s potential for continued growth and stability in the future.




With this upgrade in our credit rating, we are confident that Forte is poised for continued growth and success in the years ahead. We would like to express gratitude for the ongoing support received from both our customers and partners.
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