Forte Comprehensive Group Care

Forte Life Comprehensive Group Care is a group insurance scheme specially designed for corporate employees and association members. It is a cost-effective, voluntary participation scheme with a yearly renewable term.


Give your team and their loved ones a blanket of protection with a low-cost insurance scheme that allows them to live life confidently with courage and save up for their eventual retirement.


Participating members have 4 options to choose from with different monthly premium amounts, which will be deducted by the participating corporation or association's HR or Finance department at source and remitted to Forte Life Assurance. 


This unique plan allows participating members to:

  • Secure financial protection at a low cost
  • Accumulate his/her own retirement funds at age 60
  • Extend the coverage to spouses and children.

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Key Benefits

Affordable premium for high Sum Assured
200% of Sum Assured in case of death / TPD due to accident
Funeral expenses available for all plans
Coverage and benefits provided:

We love to help.

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How to claim
  1. Notify Forte Life within 30 days of the loss.
  2. Submit required claim documents within 90 days.
  3. Our team will process and settle claims within 10 working days after all complete documents have been submitted.
  4. Speak to one of our advisors in the Claims department for more information - call them at 081 885 399 or email
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