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For many offices and other establishments like showrooms, hotels, and theatres, plate glass often forms an important part of the building structure. There are various qualities of glass available for this purpose at various price ranges, but even the most expensive ones are fragile, and that's why it is essential for commercial establishments to insure their glass structures.


Forte’s Plate Glass Insurance covers accidental damage to or breakage of the glass in your business premises including display signs in shops, restaurants, and showrooms, and glass partitions of offices.

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The policy can be extended to cover:
The cost of temporary shuttering boarding up and/or other protection necessary for the safeguarding of the premises and/or contents pending replacement of the glass
The cost of repairing or replacing accidental damage caused by external violence to showcase and window frames
The cost of replacing writing or ornamentation

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How to claim

In the event of glass breakage, please:

  • Immediately notify us by telephone.
  • Notify us in writing and furnish all particulars and evidence within 30 days,
  • If an individual other than your employee is responsible for the breakage, empower us to sue them in your name and assist to obtain compensation.
  • Once the claims are paid, all salvage glass becomes our property and must be carefully preserved.

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