Protect yourself and your team from high hospital and surgical bills.

Shield yourself and your team from high hospital and surgical bills for as little as 12 cents a day.


Forte's comprehensive Hospital and Surgical insurance offers protection throughout your treatment, from pre-hospitalization consultations to post-hospitalization treatment. Our comprehensive plan covers all your in-patient and surgery needs in case of sickness or injury from accidents, with no need for upfront cash.

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Key Benefits

Emergency Treatment 24 Hours after Accident
Follow-up Outpatient Treatment (next 30 days)
Room & Board (up to 90 days)
Intensive care (up to 20 days)
Post-hospitalization costs (up to 90 days)
What is the coverage?

Your convenience comes first. This package covers all hospital expenses that you incur as an in-patient if you need to be hospitalized due to sickness or accident. Plus you have the benefit of choosing from our close network of leading hospitals in-country for the best healthcare services. Besides convenient access to the hospital of your choice, you also receive cash disbursements for room and boarding costs, as well as dental coverage.

Convenient Access to Hospitals - get admitted to your hospital of choice without having to pay cash up front.
Cash Disbursements for Room and Board Costs - you'll receive cash disbursement to cover room and board costs at a government hospital.
Dental Coverage - we also cover dental care as a result of injuries or accidents.

We love to help.

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How to claim

Looking to settle claims? There are a few ways you can claim under the Hospital and Surgical Insurance by Forte and it depends on whether you get your treatment from a) our Panel Hospitals, b) an NSSF Network Hospital or c) at another licensed hospital.


Download our claims form and review our claims procedure for easy and straightforward instructions on how to claim, what information we'll need from you, and to learn about our claims settlement process. 

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