Protect your team anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes the unexpected is simply a part of work. We are here with you through uncertain times. At Forte Insurance, we help minimize any losses and disruptions to you, your employees, and your business by providing monetary compensation and covering medical expenses in case of accidents.

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Key Benefits

Disappearance & exposure clause
Triple Medical Expense
Funeral Expense (Non-accidental Death)
No Claim Bonus
Snake Bite and Insect Bites
Premium warranty 30 days (have 30 days to pay premium)
Automatically add coverage for new staff or remove former staff within 30 - 90 days
What is covered by this insurance?

Forte’s Group Personal Accident Insurance provides nationwide or worldwide (on- or off-the-job), 24-hour coverage against accidental death, injury, and permanent disablement for your employees. Trusted by many industry leaders across sectors, our team of experts at Forte is here to give tailored and extensive support wherever and whenever your team needs it most.

Manageable costs
Extended coverage
Treatment at panel hospital
24 hours, worldwide coverage
Efficient claims services and quick approvals
Death, Permanent disablement, and medical expenses
Easy administration and available support for companies
Providing protection to the Insured until 65 years of age
A flexible and wide range of coverage options to fit your needs

We love to help.

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How to claim

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