What is Micro Health and Accident Insurance?

Life is full of unforeseen events that can cause accidents. These unexpected circumstances often bring about a significant financial burden, which can have a lasting impact on your finances.



This situation becomes even more challenging for lower-income families and small-scale farmers residing in rural areas. When the primary breadwinner in a household experiences an injury or illness, it can create a major setback for the entire family. Even worse, it can be difficult for people living in rural areas to receive the healthcare they require.

At Forte, we recognize the importance of being prepared for such situations. That is why we provide Micro Health and Accident Insurance - an essential safety net designed specifically for lower-income families and small-scale farmers. This insurance coverage offers protection against health-related issues as well as accidents or illnesses at affordable premiums. By having this policy in place, local residents can experience peace of mind knowing that their health is safeguarded and secure.



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Key Benefits

With Forte's Micro Health and Accident Insurance, you will be able to:

Protect your family's financial future
This policy helps mitigate financial risk from unforeseen events, such as the cost of curing diseases or accidents.
Get worldwide coverage 24 hours
The policy will cover you 24 hours and worldwide from the first Effective Date of Insured Member.
Get coverage when facing permanent disablement
Benefit is paid directly to you if you are permanently disabled due to an accident
Get accidental death benefit payouts to your loved ones
Benefit is paid directly to your beneficiaries if your death is due to an accident.
Protect yourself from financial burden with surgery coverage
This policy provides benefit if the policyholder becomes ill or injured and require surgery
What is the coverage?
Death due to natural causes or illness
Death due to accident
Permanent disablement due to accident
Coverage for daily hospital stay
Coverage for surgery
Death due to maternity

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