Protect your employees anytime, anywhere.

With Medi+ insurance, we offer a combination of in-patient and out-patient plans and coverage that you can customize for your employees. Select the perfect package that fits your needs and your budget.  Our plan extends to within the region, including Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, or all of Southeast Asia, which includes Singapore. You could even expand coverage to Asia Pacific, go international and worldwide if you need it.


You can choose from additional coverages for maternity, wellness, dental, vision care and pre-existing conditions (for selected plans) for a truly tailored solution. 

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What is the coverage?

With Medi+ you can select the perfect package that best caters to you and your employees' needs and one that fits your budget. We offer the choice of in-patient only plans as well as a combination in-patient and out-patient plans with different areas of coverage as below:

Comprehensive coverage up to $2,500,000 per annum with no lifetime limit
A network of over 750,000 medical providers worldwide
In-Patient Coverage
Out-Patient Coverage
Worldwide Coverage Option
Emergency Evacuation
Mental Health and Pre-Existing Conditions
Flexible plans to meet your needs
Cashless payment options at our network of hospitals
24-hour medical concierge service
Optional coverage for maternity, wellness, dental, and vision care

We love to help.

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How to claim

Download our claims form and review our claims procedure for easy and straightforward instructions on how to claim, what information we'll need from you, and to learn about our claims settlement process. 


There are a few ways to settle a claim and it depends on whether you're seeking treatment within or outside of our Direct Billing Hospitals Network.


a. If seeking treatment within our Direct Billing Hospitals Network, please bring:

  • Your Insurance card
  • A Recent Photo ID / Valid Passport

b. If seeking treatment out of our Direct Billing Hospitals Network, please bring:

  • A Claim form of Non-Direct Billing
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