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Every single shipment is exposed to many perils along its journey, from the factory to the final destination while cargo is being transported by air, by sea or by rail/road or combination of them, through various means of transportation. 


Forte offers you the flexibility of cover that fits your needs, your type of cargo, your destination, and your mode of transportation. Our team of experienced underwriters recognizes that the nature of your business is unique in your own way.


Our cargo insurance provides indemnity against loss or damage resulting from a wide range of challenges during its course of transit including fire, theft, explosion, stranding, grounding, sinking, washing overboard, overturning of carrying conveyance, and natural calamities like earthquake, volcanic eruption, lightning, and more.


With our global network of over 260 Lloyd’s Agents to date, we provide an on-time response to claims survey which covers more than 170 countries around the world. Their professionalism and expertise combined with our experienced underwriting offers the market the best insurance coverage and the most reliable claims service.

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What is the coverage?

Forte’s Marine Cargo Insurance covers your cargo according to the Institute clauses used worldwide including Institute Cargo Clause A, Institute Cargo Clause B, and Institute Cargo Clause C for sea voyages and Institute Cargo Clause Air for air shipment.


You also can opt to extend your insurance for war and labor strike cover for sea shipment.

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How to claim
In any event of a claim:   Immediately notify the Survey Agent mentioned in your policy. Claim immediately on the Carriers, Port Authorities, or other bailees for any missing packages. Do not give clean receipts where goods are in doubtful cond… Read
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