Claims Service


Our Vision

As leading insurance company in Cambodia, FORTE, with its unique professional team full of experience in the insurance industry, is committed to serve you with speedy, efficient and fair claim settlement.

Technical Superiority

Forte claims professionals have extensive experience handling all types of claims: from service-intensive automobile, homeowners and extended warranty claims, to those involving highly complex technology or sensitive litigation.

As stressful as making a claim may seem, our dedicated professionals will help make the process simple and efficient. You can expect fast, friendly and top-quality claims service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Advantage Network

Panel Garages

If you take your vehicle to one of the many repair shops in our Panel Garages, you'll receive preferred service and, as the network's name implies, numerous advantages whenever and wherever you face an accident.

  • The repair shop will call you to make an appointment.
  • You’ll be notified when your vehicle is ready.
  • You’re not worry paying for the repair fee.
  • Good repair quality is guaranteed.

Panel Hospitals

In case of injury or sickness and you are required to go for treatment at the clinics or hospitals, you have option to choose whichever hospital you prefer. For admission to a non-panel hospital, you will have to settle the hospitalization bill and submit the Forte Claims Service for processing for reimbursement.

However, you can admit to Forte Panel Hospitals for speedy and proper medical treatment and you are free from worried about paying hospital bill up on discharge. Prior to your admission, please get the Hospital Admission Letter from your HR/Admin people or contact Forte Claims Services to inform them of your admission.

SOS Services

During your overseas travel, in the event of an emergency, serious injury or sickness or death, you can call our International SOS which is the world’s leading provider of global medical assistance. International SOS provides clients with a comprehensive portfolio of medical services to ensure that people travelling and working internationally have access to immediate help. Services rage from 24-hour medical service, referrals to qualified doctors and hospitals and provision of emergency medical evacuations when there is a critical illness or accident.

Independent International Loss Adjustors

In the event of a Fire or Construction claim, Forte engaged experienced and independent international professionals who will survey the loss and guide you through the process to ensure an efficient and speedy settlement. We have also developed a network of professionals, approved suppliers and contractors and together we are able to deliver a first class claims handling service in Cambodia.

Customer-Focused Service

Forte has set a high standard for claims services. We offer a client focused claims handling culture and services that ensure claims are managed in a consistent, yet flexible and fair manner that is transparent, accurate and timely.

We have also restructured our claims operations crossing traditional corporate and geographic boundaries to deliver fast, fair, and friendly claims services on low complexity, high volume claims. At the same time, we leverage the scale of Forte and the skills of its people for more complex claims.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We are committed to providing the premier claim services in the industry and we value your feedback whether it is a Compliment, Comment or even a Complaint.

We recognise the importance of managing claims in a consistent, yet flexible and fair manner that is transparent, accurate and timely. We recognise that the best measure of this is the satisfaction of our customers.

We would like to hear from you if our services exceeded or failed to meet our commitment to you, or you would like to submit a comment on any subject. If we have failed to meet your service expectation, we will endeavour to resolve your complaint promptly, fairly and amicably. We will respond in all instances.