Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need insurance3?

    Insurance enables the risks of financial losses or legal liability to be transferred from you to the insurance company

  2. What types of insurance are available?

    Forte provides six classes of insurance products. They are Automobile Insurance, Casualty Insurance, Medical Insurance, Property Insurance, Engineering Insurance and Marine Cargo Insurance.

  3. How can I purchase insurance products from FORTE?

    Simply call our team of specialist advisors at 023 885 077 and schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives; or come into our office for an individual consultation.

  4. How do I file my claim?

    The claims handling process may vary for the different classes of insurance. However, the general requirement of approach to the claim is similar amongst all classes of insurance. The immediate notification shall be given to the insurance company by the claimant. The claim form must be obtained or downloaded from the claims page. The claimant has to supply all the necessary and requested claim documents for the claim investigation and assessment.

  5. What is reinsurance?

    Reinsurance is a mechanism whereby the original insurer cedes or transfers part of a single risk or several risks to another insurance company or companies.

  6. What is underwriting?

    Underwriting is the process of selecting policy holders by recognizing and evaluating risks, setting prices and deciding upon the appropriate terms and conditions of insurance.