Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and officers of companies make decisions everyday that no longer simply affect the success of their companies and their own careers. These decisions carry the risk of personal litigation and unlimited financial liability as a result of their consequences.

Recently this thread of personal litigation has increased at an alarming rate and the trend shows no sign of slowing as new laws are passed, both around Asia and internationally. The problem you face is keeping up with the foundation of possible litigation – a major difficulty given an ever-increasing source:

  • shareholders,
  • employees,
  • environmental groups,
  • regulatory bodies,
  • creditors,
  • competitors,
  • customers and
  • suppliers.

We fully recognize the need to protect your directors and officers from such exposure. We know the importance of providing the best management liability protection possible. Our history, experience and industry leadership combine to provide the most innovative and extensive insurance for your directors and officers.