Tuesday 11 July 2023
Protect your finance with CancKoampea Insurance - get USD10 discount on cancer coverage for the rest of 2023
By Forte




Cancer can be a challenging and emotional time for you and your family, but Forte’s CancKoampea is here to help. For just USD34 per year, CancKoampea offers coverage and assistance to help reduce the financial and emotional burdens of a cancer diagnosis. As an exclusive offer for the rest of 2023, we are offering a USD10 discount, bringing the premium down to just USD24 per year – that is equal to just USD0.06 per day!



Did you know?


Cancer is a disease that can have devastating effects on individuals and their loved ones. With over 200 types that can occur at any time, it is essential to stay informed. Cancer occurs when cells in a specific part of the body grow and reproduce uncontrollably, often invading and damaging surrounding healthy tissue, including organs. According to the World Health Organization, cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for around 10 million deaths in 2020. When cancer strikes, it can bring with it a heavy emotional burden and significant financial strain. We never want our loved ones to face these challenges alone. 



Why is it important to get CancKoampea Insurance?


That is where our CancKoampea insurance comes in. CancKoampea is a cancer insurance policy that is designed to provide financial security and support during the challenging times of a cancer diagnosis. CancKoampea is automatically renewed on an annual basis without the need for underwriting and upon timely receipt of your renewal premium. CancKoampea covers every cancer stage, from early to advanced, for up to USD20,000. Moreover, if you lose your life, we provide your family with up to USD500 to help with funeral expenses.  


What sets Forte's CancKoampea insurance apart is its inclusivity. We believe that everyone should have access to cancer care insurance coverage, regardless of their age. That is why CancKoampea is available to purchase for individuals between the ages of 18 and 74, with the option for automatic renewal up to 73 years old. We do not stop there as we understand that cancer can affect anyone, including children. That is why CancKoampea is also extended to provide coverage for children aged 30 days old up to 17 years old if both parents are already CancKoampea policyholders.



Terms and conditions


  1. This promotion is only available for purchases made within the year 2023.
  2. This promotion is only available for the purchase of the CancKoampea policy.
  3. This promotion is standalone and cannot be combined with any other promotion.
  4. Forte reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion, or to cancel the promotion altogether, at any time without prior notice.



How to buy CancKoampea Insurance?


Sign up for CancKoampea today and start receiving the cancer support you need to get through this challenging time. Give us a call at 023 885 077/066 for a consultation.


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