Marine Cargo Insurance

What is Marine Cargo insurance?
From the factory, to the final destination, transporting your goods will be worry free, with a Marine Cargo policy from Forte Insurance. Whether your cargo is travelling by air, sea or overland, a Marine Cargo policy covers against the many risks of loss or damage. So, if a loss is incurred, you will be fully compensated according to the terms of the policy.

With the rapid expansion of global and domestic trade, the business of moving cargo today is becoming increasingly complex. Protect your shipments against the uncertainties that can arise, wherever in the World they may be.

What is the coverage?
Our marine cargo insurance provides cover for virtually every type of commodity, destination and mode of transportation.

We recognise that the nature of your business is unique and we offer you flexibility in creating cover that fits your needs.

Comprehensive protection provides against a wide range of potential hazards during carriage including fire, theft, collision, explosion, flooding and lightning.

Our experienced marine insurance underwriters will work closely with you to devise the best possible cover to suit your business and your budget.

What are the special benefits of insuring with Forte?

  • Global Network of Survey Agents
  • Specialised Cover