FAQ - Boiler and Machinery

  1. A machine exploded causing a fire. Both the machine and surrounding property were badly damaged. Should we lodge our claim under our property policy or our machinery breakdown insurance policy?

    As our machinery breakdown cover is offered in conjunction with the property insurance, you should provide both the property and machinery breakdown policy numbers on your claim form. We will advise you on the damage that will be covered by the property policy and the damage that will be covered by the machinery breakdown policy.

  2. In the case of the exploding machine, what damage is covered by our machinery breakdown policy?

    Subject to the terms and conditions of your policy, the damaged machine may be covered by the machinery breakdown policy.

  3. Must we get your prior approval before we repair the damage?

    Yes. Our claims professionals or representatives will help you assess the repairs required and the reasonableness of repair estimates.

  4. If the parts of the machine are required to be ordered from an overseas supplier, are the associated freight charge and custom duties covered?

    These costs are covered provided that they have received our prior approval and have been included in the sum insured.

  5. The damaged machine was in use for more than 10 years. The explosion was probably caused by wear and tear. Is the damage recoverable under our machinery breakdown policy?

    Usually, loss or damage caused by wear and tear is excluded by a machinery breakdown policy.